My work is an examination of the human condition as I see it – the ephemeral nature of life and our preoccupation with the minutia of everyday living, ignoring our own expiry and the damage to the environment around us. I’m fascinated with everyday history – the lives that have gone before us and been forgotten.

Juxtaposing classical images and modern themes, my paintings are my comment on transience. I reference the classical portrait with the often arrogant, invincible gaze of the wealthy landowner – and contrast the contemporary equivalent in the form of the modern day land developer and the fact that prestige, wealth or beauty are still no weapon against time.

I’m also exploring the part animals play in human lives – the realities and mythologies.

Lauren is represented by 

REDSEA GALLERY in Margaret River, Western Australia

Gallows Gallery, Perth, Western Australia

Manyung Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria

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